Retirees Message for September 2012

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               OVER THE HILL GANG


On August 22nd, we met at the Refectory for our monthly luncheon, gabfest and to listen to a presentation by Jason Hubert, who has been with the Portland Police GET Team, (Gang Enforcement Team) for eight years.

It was a fair sized crowd, who were looking forward to hearing the  talk. This included John Verheul, Bob Walliker, Bud Bladow, Randy Pulley, Dave Edstrom, Rob Aichele, Bob and C.C. Cox, Glen Griffitts, Norm Rosenbloom, Jim Cunningham, Dennis Baker, Dick and Doris Kuntz, and Bob Warner.

      After a sumptuous meal, we settled back to listen to Jason’s presentation. It was extremely interesting, and to listen to the obstacles that they have put up with now.

There were many question asked, and I for one was glad that I am retired now.

You are welcome to join us, on the 4th Wednesday of each month,  (except Nov. Dec.) at the Refectory, NE 122nd and Halsey, 11:30 am. The meal cost is $10, including tip

              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S


Sept. 10th broke early, and wet. I was up before 5:30, and had the Harley ready to roll, I stepped out on the back deck, and didn’t feel any rain, so I thought maybe it was a go. While putting the coffee on, I thought I heard a jet overhead. When I opened the door, it was coming down in buckets. I took the car.

By 7 am, we had Ron Fox, Jerry Klinger, Glen Griffitts, Gene Thoming and Dallas Taggart. Shortly after, the beach boys, George Porter and Bruce Sherman arrived from Lincoln City, followed by Bob Dorney.

The conversations went from custom cars to Police motorcycles, a little politics, and even to the subject of the proper way take medication. Everyone had a good laugh at the expense of George on that one.

     We also had a lengthy discussion on traffic in major foreign cities such as Rome, London, and the fun of trying to drive in the mess.

Anyway, join us join the second Monday of each month, 7 am at Denny’s, 12101 SE 82nd.

                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH

This is held at Davidson’s on highway 99-W in Tigard. Again, Bob Dorney picked me up and we arrived a little after 11 am. Rob Aichele was already there, and we were soon joined by Paul Fink, John Shaw, Clell Winters, Mike Bell, Chief Al Orr, Dick Kuntz, and Jim Flemming.

     Quite a bit of talk centered about the old walking beats, and some of the old timers who walked them such as Larry Cole, Brownie, Fletcher, etc. A trip down memory lane.

The food is always good plentiful and reasonably priced. I had eggs, potatoes and toast, with a never ending mug of home-made root-beer, for about $8. Then I topped it off with apple pie with ice-cream for 25 cents.

This is held on the second Wed. of each month, and is an enjoyable occasion.  




We are still meeting at the Pig every Friday at 9 am, and on  Aug. 24th, Linda and I were joined by Gene Thoming, Bob Dorney, Frank Smith, Bob and Mary Schippers, and Mel and Sue Nilsen.

      On Aug. 31st, we had about the same crew, except that Loretta Tucker dropped in to join the group. Loretta has just received her papers as an ordained Chaplain. Congratulations Loretta.


Sept.  7th was a bigger bunch with 13 of us. We had Gene Thoming, Bob Dorney, Frank Smith, Mel and Sue Nilsen, Bob and  Mary Schippers. It was good to see both Hal and Eleanor Gowing back amongst us, and a surprise visit from Al Dean and Iris Venable. Al has had some major work done on his back and knee lately, and is still in a body cast of some type, and is using a cane for a while.

Occasionally the chatter gets political, which I steer clear of, along with religion. It’s much more fun talking about past escapades of some of our compadre’s

Friday the 14th was a little crowded, with 13 attending. This included Hal Gowing, Gene Thoming, Kenny Zapp, Bob Schippers, Bob Dorney, Frank Smith, Mace Flye, Mel and Sue Nilsen, Peter Bates, and Linda, and a surprise visit from Diana Raske. I asked her if the smoke in Sisters from the fires drove her out, but said no, that she had some business in town. She said she got a speeding ticket in Mill City on her way here. It was her first one. Ouch!

        Come and join us, every Friday, 9 am at the Pig ‘N Pancake, NE 122nd and Glisan.


I had a recent phone call, from out of the past, Ron Brown, who was a Portland Police officer for about 10 years. He left several years ago, in pursuit of other opportunities. Ron has written a book, titled; “Bulletproof Cops and Bureaucratic Bullies”. It is currently only available as an Amazon Kindle eBook. At a later date it will be available as a paper-back, through Amazon.

It is currently available as an Amazon Kindle book (.99 cents) at;

Ron mentioned that had been partners with Randy Pulley, and I believe with Henry Groepper.


Just a gentle reminder, the Portland Retired Police and Widows Assn. will be having their general meeting on Wednesday, October 17th at noon, at the VFW Hall, 3405 SE 87th. There will be refreshments served at noon, with a meeting following. Come and get re-acquainted with some of your fellow retirees, and bring your concerns or questions.


Maxine Nicholson celebrated her 90th birthday! We want to wish her a Happy Birthday and congratulations for reaching a big milestone.


I recently received some news from our friends in Arizona that Verta DeBellis fell, and when Bill tried to pick her up, he fell also. I believe they ended up at a hospital getting patched up, but I haven’t heard the final outcome yet. Our hope is for a complete recovery


We just received some bad news from Dennis Baker, on the 13th, announcing that he has Pancreatic Cancer. Our hearts and sympathies go out to Denny and his family, and wish him the best in his treatment.


Our hearts go out to Lillian Granby, after losing her husband Bob in June, her son, John Granby died Aug. 16, from ALS. John was 58