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Our first breakfast at Denny’s for 2012, was on Mon. Jan. 9th. Bob Dorney offered to pick me up at 6:30 am, so I took him up on it. He had to eat early and be done eating by 7:30, so he could take a medical test.

We found a group already at the table when we arrived, such as Bill Field, Scotty Field, Mel Walker, Jerry Klinger and Denny Baker. Then Gene Thoming, Dallas Taggart, Glen Griffitts and Kenny Zapp soon joined us.

We talked about many things, and a lot of “cop talk”. Several even hung around and chatted for awhile afterwards.

Join us on the second Monday of each month, 7 am, at Denny’s, 12101 SE 82nd.

I learned of another brunch being held on the West side by a group of our retired and semi-retired cops, and figured I could squeeze in another lunch into my schedule, so Bob Dorney offered to pick me up and take me with him on Jan. 9th.

It is held at the Home Town Buffet in Tigard, on Highway 99-W. They meet at 11:30 am, on the second Wed. of the month.

I saw some faces that I haven’t seen in years, such as Pat Nelson, Ron Frye, Dave Mischke, and Clel Winters. Several others I see rarely, such as John Shaw, Paul Fink, Vern Rohrbach, and Rob Aichele. We also had Al Orr, who is Chief of Police in Tigard, and Mike Bell, who is Deputy Chief. Mel Walker also attends this one.

With a different group like this, the conversation takes a whole new perspective, and interesting twist.

I really enjoyed the brunch, and the conversation, and if I can fit it into my schedule, I might try to go again.



 Friday, Dec. 23rd, we met again at “The Pig” at 9 am for breakfast. This included Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming, Hal and Eleanor Gowing, Peter Bates, Mary and Bob Schippers, Bud Bladow, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and Linda and I.

On Dec. 30th, it was almost a repeat of the same group except we lost Peter Bates and Bud Bladow.

 Our first breakfast of 2012, on Jan. 6th  again was about the same, except Bud Bladow joined in again.

Friday the 13th was an interesting group, with Bud Bladow, Mel and Sue Nilsen, Bob Schippers, Hal and Eleanor Gowing, Bob Dorney and Peter Bates.

We were surprised to see Gordon Blume, who joined us for some food and conversation. We were doubly surprised when Henry Groepper found his way to our table. Henry is heavily involved in the battle with the FPDR Board over payback and other issues. We hung around for quite awhile discussing this.

Jan. 20th brought out Mace Flye, Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming, Hal and Eleanor, she is starting radiation again, Peter Bates, Bob and Mary Schippers, Bud Bladow, Mel and Sue Nilsen and Linda and I.

We talked about incidents and people from many years ago, and many of them was “old what’s-his-name.”

Again, every Friday, 9 am at  the Pig, NE 122nd and Glisan


Rick Rictor Update

 On Jan 15th, we received word that Rick had another small stroke. His Surgeon felt that he needed to do surgery. It is scheduled for the 18th of Jan. The surgery will take 8-10 hours, and is very risky due to Ricks’ heart. He is on antibiotics now because of his bronchitis. Our prayers go out to Rick and his wife, West.

New update.

We received information on the 19th, Rick passed away several hours after the operation.


Sybil V. Plumlee

 Our oldest living retiree, Sybil Plumlee, passed away on Jan. 6, 2012, at age 100. Sybil had many odd jobs in her early life before taking the Police exam in 1947. She was a soda fountain clerk, a teacher, a social worker and a cab driver.

In 1947, we had the WPD, Women’s Protective Division. No uniforms, but dressed appropriately. They usually worked with a male officer, who was assigned to the Juvenile Division.

Her son,  Louis Barker said she was a spunky woman, and she didn’t join the Bureau to make the world safe, but for the money. She was the family’s breadwinner in those days.

Her “spunkiness” continued in to her retirement, and was known for the hosiery she wore. On one occasion when a bus load of us took a trip to casino, when she boarded the bus, she asked the driver to see his driver’s license. He produced it.

She will be missed.