Retiree Newsletter Oct 2012

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               OVER THE HILL GANG


On Sept.26, we met again at the Refectory, for what was a promising presentation. Arriving a little after 11 am, we found several already there.

Because the speaker was going to be “Dave” of Dave’s Killer Bread, we had a lot of new people show up. Many that I did not recognize.

We had C.C. and Bob Cox, Jo Ann and Bob Tobin, Bob Dorney, Bob Walliker, Randy Pulley, Harry Boggs, Dana Tawney, Rob Aichele, Jerry Klinger, Aaron Harvey, Mardi Epps and Sally Bible even joined us.

Dave Dahl, of “Dave’s Killer Bread”, is a phenomenal man. At an early age, he started out with alcohol, progressing rapidly to pot, and on into heavy drugs. He is a four-time loser in prison, including some heavy charges. He eventually hit bottom, and made a decision to reverse the fall. Through re-habs and half-way houses, after release from prison a few years ago, he became a new man. With the help from a brother and his dad, he got into the bakery business.

He makes no bones about his past, and does talks to youth groups and has even been invited back several times to give talks at the prisons. He tries to hire ex-cons, after careful screening and extensive interviews.

He gave a slide presentation, and then opened up for questions. He brought many loaves of his bread, and gave a loaf of bread to each one who asked a question, until he ran out. (Linda got a loaf.)

     Several more present were Dick and Doris Kuntz, Mace Flye, Walt Martin, Doug McKillips, Henry Groepper, Joe Lopez, and George Young. We were sorry that Norm Rosenbloom had to miss it, but he was having a procedure done.

Because of the large crowd, they had to set up extra tables.

Come join us at the Refectory, on the 4th Wednesday of each month, (except Nov. and Dec.) at 11;30 am, NE 122nd and Halsey.


              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S


Well, it’s Columbus Day again, and our October breakfast always comes on Columbus Day. I was up at 5:15 am, and had committed to ride my bike to the event. I wasn’t counting on it only being 38 degrees. Still, I arrived at 7 am, and shivered all the way inside, and found that Dallas Taggart, Gene Thoming and Jerry Klinger had beaten me there. Tom Jacobs arrived shortly after, and had ridden his bike too. But, I find out his bike is fitted with a heated seat and handle grips.

We also had Glen Griffitts, Peter Bates, Bob Dorney and Ken Zapp.

     The conversation always starts out with the Columbus Day storm and all the havoc it wreaked. We also talked about Portland city, and its water problems, and the chemicals they want to put in it. Of course we also discussed the next Mayoral race.

Someone mentioned that the “beach boys” wouldn’t be coming, since George Porter announced that that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Our best wishes to George for a speedy recovery.

We talked about the ceremony for Denny Baker, and Glenn said he had taken several pictures, and would post them on the internet.

Ron Fox and his family came in just as we were walking out the door, so we missed  getting any gossip from him.

Come and join this small band of early morning die-hards, the second Monday of each month, 7 am, Denny’s, 12101 SE 82nd.



                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH


This is held at Davidson’s on highway 99-W in Tigard. Again, Bob Dorney picked me up and we arrived a little after 11 am. Rob Aichele was already there, and we were soon joined by Paul Fink, John Shaw, Clell Winters, Mike Bell, Chief Al Orr, Dick Kuntz, Pat Nelson, Steve Russelle, Ken Zahler and Hugh Jackson.

The acoustics in the room are not real good, and we all sit at one long table, so several conversations go on at the same time. There was a lot of conversation about the pay-back. It was pretty well agreed that those affected will fight keep from paying it back.

The food was good, as usual, and you can get a breakfast up to 3 pm.

This lunch is held on the second Wed. of each month at Davidson’s, on Highway 99-W, in Tigard.





We still meet at the “Pig” every Fri. at 9 am. On Sept. 21, we had a small crowd, with the presence of Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming, Peter Bates, Frank Smith, Mel and Sue Nilsen and Linda and me.

On Sept. 28th, we had about the same crew, but we added Bob Schippers.

We seemed to be in a rut, because on Oct. 5th, we had the same bunch again.

Oct. 12th, the true Columbus Day, we had Gene Thoming, Bob Dorney, Frank Smith, Mary and Bob Schippers, Mel and  Sue Nilsen. We were also joined by Lori Bush, who stopped by to say hello. Lori works at the Pig part time, and it’s always good to see her.

And then the rains came. We walked out to a rainy day.

Oct. 19 brought out a skimpy group, but Al Dean joined us and Bob Schippers brought Mary.

Come and join us, every Friday, 9 am at the Pig ‘N Pancake, NE 122nd and Glisan.




I received a request from Jim Huff, at the Museum. The Portland Police Historical Society is looking to fill a few available ( and soon to be available ) seats on the Board, and would like to extend the opportunity to those involved with the PRP&W, and spouses.

All Board positions are voluntary, and require attendance at quarterly meetings, each running from 60-90 minutes, and held at the Museum, downtown.

Interested individuals, especially those with a background in finance, nonprofits, business administration, fundraising, marketing, and especially those interested in supporting the history of Portland Police are encouraged to contact them.

They can be reached by email;, and by phone, 503-823-0019.


                GENERAL MEETING


Wed. Oct. 17th our association held the general meeting. It was held at the VFW hall, 3405 SE *7th.

We thought we had advertised well in advance of the meeting and hoped for a good turnout. Well, we had 21 people show up, and 19 of those were Assn. Board members! The other two were Leah and Lloyd Higgens. Pathetic!.

We opened with Mike Foss leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed up with Dick Wemhoener leading us in prayer. Since the food was ready, we took a short break to eat.

We reconvened with Sue Nilsen reading the minutes from the last meeting, followed by Sally Bible giving us the treasury report.

We discussed the “pay-back” issue, but had nothing new to report. We also talked about the upcoming Christmas lunch on Friday, Dec. 14th. We also talked about dues time again, which still remain at $20 for retired police, (and their spouse or significant other) and Associates, and $10 for Police widows and widowers.

Since this newsletter goes out to over 1,000 people, along with the dues notice and Christmas lunch invitation, we asked for a little help, and received offers of help.

Naturally we discussed the lack of interest in people to become involved, and several suggestions were offered. We may try a combination of several of the suggestions, and see what works.

We let people know that Eleanor Gowing went into the hospital on Fri. Oct. 12 with a breathing problem. Linda talked to her on Mon. the 15th, and thought she was doing better.

After beating on the subject of increasing interest in the Assn. and discussing that  we might be too social of a group, we decided we can’t please all of the people all the time. We try to keep you informed on issues, such as “pay-back”, deaths, illnesses, and the goings-on of people you might have worked with for 20 years.

Anyway, after that heavy discussion, we drew names out of the hat for $25, which was won by Kenny Zapp. A second drawing also gave Randy Pulley $25. That ended the meeting.


I had hoped to give a detailed report on Mary Jane’s Detective Banquet, but the best laid plans can go awry. After spending all Friday afternoon in the doctor’s office with a bad knee, I came home and even got dressed for the occasion. But the pain was so intense, and my walking ability was nil, I finally gave up and stayed home. This made my daughter and Linda happy. Maybe next year.


Dues time is here, as well as our Christmas dinner. This newsletter contains an invitation for the dinner and a dues notice.

The dinner will again be held at the Milwaukie Elks, 13121 SE McLaughlin Blvd.  It is still $10, even though the Elks have raised the price, and the Assn. will pick up the rest. We invite all  retired police and widows to join us, not just the “dues paying members.”

We will open at 11 am, with no-host cocktails, and a chance hob-nob with your friends. Lunch will be served at noon.

To get an accurate account, we would like to have your notice back to Sally Bible by Dec. 1st.




On October 4th, we attended a ceremony at East Precinct. It was a kind of bitter-sweet occasion, and was to honor Dennis Baker for all his years of service. This included his time in the Marine Corps.

Denny is retiring  from the “Cold Case” team, after many years there.

There were many speakers, lauding Denny for his many accomplishments. Det. Sgt. Paul Weatheroy, of the Cold Case squad spoke, as well as Det. Lawrence.

     Other speakers included Sgt. Dave Simpson, Glen Griffitts, George Young, Jerry Klinger, Jeff Barker, Cmdr. Donna Henderson, and Larry Findling, who read a letter from D.A. Foote.

Kleenex boxes were being passed around freely, as I said, it was bitter-sweet. Denny talked, and handed in his equipment to Cmdr. Henderson. Now, Denny will concentrate on his cancer treatment.

I saw many retirees there, but did not try to keep tabs on them. It was quite crowded, but there was a cake.

Our hearts and best wishes go out to Denny and his family, who were all there, in hopes of a happy outcome.




Somehow we have misplaced Charles Curtis. Our last two newsletters have come back “undeliverable”. Trying the phone  shows it has been disconnected. Let us know if anyone knows where he is.


The summer issue of “RATTLE”, an award winning national literary magazine, features a tribute to poets working in Law Enforcement, with contributions from fourteen police officers, detectives and Federal agents. It also includes two essays on the relationship between policing and poetry, one of them by our own James Fleming, who also has a poem in this issue.

In addition to the Law Enforcement section, the book-sized publication also includes 100 pages of general poetry, and interviews with contemporary poets. The copy price is $10, shipping included. Send checks payable to: RATTLE, 12411 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604, or



We learned of the death of Randy Kent Peters, son of Stan Peters, and that he died on Sept. 14th. Not much information available, but supposedly worked for the City for 30 years.


We wish to offer our condolences to Ken McClure and his family on the death of his mother, Thelma L. McClure, on Sept. 25, 2012. She was 90 years old.