Retiree Newsletter May 2013

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              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S

Monday, April 8th, apparently came as a surprise for this group, since the month started out on a Monday, the second Monday came quickly. We only had six show up. This included Scott Field, Al Freauff, Glen Griffitts, Bob Dorney and Kenny Zapp.

     The conversations were the usual, about old “what’s his name”, and old cases. And, of course, the aches and pains we have. Being such a close group, we could get by with one conversation at a time.

I keep telling people to put it on their calendar. Always the second Monday of each month.

                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH

On Wed. April 10th, Bob Dorney picked me up and we headed for Davidsons in Tigard. We thought we were early but we found Dick Kuntz, Verne Rohrbach and Mike Bell already there. Shortly we  had Rob Aichele, Gary Fantz, Pat Nelson, Clell Winters and John Shaw.

     Again, we had some good conversations going, some at the same time. We talked about some old cases, some old people, and some old characters.

Anyway, we meet at Davidson’s, 12830 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard, the second Wed. at 11:30 am. The food is really good.



Friday, March 29th, we had ten people. Ken Zapp, Bob Dorney, Hal Gowing, Gene Thoming, Peter Bates, Bob Schippers, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and Linda and me.

On April 5th, Linda and I only found four others there, which included Bob Dorney, Hal Gowing and Mel and Sue Nilsen.

     Friday April 12th was a short crew with Bob and Mary Schippers, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and Hal Gowing.

We watched all the excitement at “Gentle Dental” next door, with fire trucks and ambulances. They must not have been very gentle there.

April 19th was a little better since we needed two tables. Al Dean was back in town and brought Iris Venable with him. We also had Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming Hal Gowing, Bob Schippers, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and surprise visitors, Angel and Mel Matoon. It has been a while since the have joined us.

We talked about some of the old capers, and some of the antics on the old motorcycle crew.

You’re welcome to join us, every Friday, 9 am, Pig N’ Pancake, NE 122nd and Glisan.



Wed. April 17th, we held our General meeting and a memorial for the 40 retirees, widows and widowers that passed away in 2012.

We opened the meeting a little after 12 noon with Mike Foss leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed with Dick Wemhoener doing an invocation. I then read the names, as Elaine Maxey and C. C. Cox placed a white carnation in a vase for each name. Rhea Davis widow of Jim Davis was present, so the white carnation was presented to her. Louie Barker, the son of Sybil Plunlee was also present, so a white carnation was also presented to him.

We then took a recess to eat. The fare was sandwiches and cookies, olives and pickles, coffee. Several members had volunteered to bring them.

Mardi Epps had stopped and picked up Frank Springer and his care-giver,  Mike Ferrell, and had invited Jim Huff, Police museum Curator to the meeting. We acknowledged Frank’s recent 101st birthday.

Following is list of those we lost in 2012 and were honored.

Sybil Plumlee                   Ann Moen

Walter Wier                     Vernon Bowers

Albert Pacella                   Mary Faulkner

Richard T. Rictor             Judy Leckman

Donna Strand                   Bertha Tilden

Paul W. Roesler                Carl A. Johnson

Freda Vanderzanden       Melvin Walker

       (Luciano)                   Edwin Patterson

Tom Gossett                     Robert Granby

Kathleen Frome               LaVerne DeYoung

Marjorie Putman                (Olin)

Tivvy Morgan                  Jack Childers

Bill Arata                          Reed Hun

Herman Ray Gericke      Paula Birchard

Geraldine Embree           John Giani

Stella Kutter                     Richard Crabtree

Evelyn Lossinger              Harold Freshour

James T. Davis                  Eleanor Nasby Gowing

Audry Sinner                    Barbara Stohl

Dorothy Taylor Presson   Danny Stohl

Fred Brock                        Michael McPhee


We reconvened the meeting with Sue Nilsen reading the minutes of the last meeting, followed by Sally Bible giving the treasurers report.

The upcoming annual picnic on June 23 was discussed, along with the election of officers. Mike Foss agreed to be the nominating committee again.

Lloyd Higgens and Henry Groepper had attended the last board meeting of the FPDR and gave reports of some of the happenings. Since the COLA was the big discussion, and since the Legislature is dealing with restructuring PERS, including their COLA, the board agreed to hold off on a decision until later.

I had received note from one of our members, who gets a PERS retirement, and had received a letter from them saying; The 2013 cost of living adjustment for PERS retirees and beneficiaries receiving a monthly benefit is effective July 1, 2013, and payable with the Aug. 1, 2013 benefit.

All Tier one and tier two members who retired on or before July 1, 2013 are scheduled to receive a 2 percent COLA.

This appears to say that Senate bill 822, which cuts back on COLA, will not affect this year’s COLA. We had some brisk discussions on this subject during the meeting.

We were pleased with a fairly large turnout for the meeting and the lively discussions that went on.

Before closing, Ken Zapp passed the hat for name tags and we drew names for the door prizes. Frank Springer’s name was drawn first for the $25, and Ken Zapp’s name was drawn for the second $25.

After the drawing, we adjourned the meeting.

After the meeting, Mardi Epps took Frank Springer and his care-giver, along with Jim Huff up to see Elmer Brown, at the Holgate care Center. She said  Jim Huff had a lot of old pictures that Frank and Elmer tried to identify for Jim. She said they had a good time and enjoyed the time together.

We have two volunteers to provide the chicken for the annual picnic on June 23rd. Dick and Doris Kuntz, and Rob Aichele have agreed to share the costs of the chicken. Now we just need to get enough people there help consume it. Put the picnic on your calendar.

I received an email from one of our retirees who has been in contact with Hank Kaplan, the Attorney who is handling the over-payment from FPDR COLA. He says there is a tentative settlement with the City, pending OK by the IRS, in which members will get to keep 40 % of the over-payment amount,( regardless of how much has been recovered to date), by FPDR. As part of the settlement, the City would agree not to bring suit against individuals for any further recovery. It may take some time for the IRS to review the case, at which time notices will be sent out.

The subject of out of State retirees receiving the “off-set” pay is still up in the air. It is working its way through Salem, at least for PERS members. We will have to wait and see what the Legislature will do.

Senate bill 822, which covers COLA and  the off-set payments, had moved out of Joint Ways and Means Committee by April 4th, and I understand it has moved to the full Senate.

We had recently learned that Bill and Louise Calder were planning on a cross country tour which would include Yellowstone Park, then on to Utah for Zion, Arches, etc. After reaching Yellowstone, Louise had an asthmatic attack which then turned into pneumonia. So, she ended up in the hospital for several days. Utah will have to wait for a while.

                   THE BIG 8-0

One of our members just became an octogenarian on April 18th. Mary Schippers turned 80, so a party was held for her at the Old Country Kitchen. Linda and I joined her and “Skippy” along with  Hal Gowing, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and a whole bunch of relatives.

The party didn’t go into the “wee hours” in fact I think we were back home by 8 pm. But it was a fun time, and Mary enjoyed it.


We talked to Ed Clark recently. He is recovering from a stroke a few months ago, and is slowly healing. He is exercising a lot to regain his mobility, and can get up and down the stairs pretty well.

He had a setback for a while, but when we talked to him on the 20th, he was feeling better.


Linda talked with Elaine Grant, and Larry has had a set back with his illness. I know he would like to have cards, so send some  and cheer him up.

We talked to Elaine on the 19th, Larry is not up to talking on the phone, but would love to get cards. We also learned that it was also their 38th anniversary. Larry got flowers for Elaine.