Retiree Newsletter July 2013

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On Wed. May 22nd, we met at the Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center for our monthly luncheon. We had about 21 PPB people there, including Glen Griffitts, Dave Edstrom, Bud Bladow, Randy Pulley, Norm Rosenbloom, Bob Dorney, Mardi Epps, Paul Fontana, Dick and Doris Kuntz, and Roger Haven.

     Our thanks go out to Bob Dorney, who is really good about picking up other retirees and bringing them to different affairs.

Others there were Judy and Dana Tawney, Elaine Maxey, Henry Groepper, Karl McDade, and Bob and C.C. Cox. It was Linda’s birthday, and she complimented me on picking such grand places to celebrate!

We had the usual sprinkling of MCSO, CCSO, State Police, FBI, etc.

Our speaker was Jim Huff, Curator of the Portland Police Museum. He had some interesting pictures and slides, and took us through a pictorial trip of the museum. If you have never been there, you should make a special effort to try it. It is on the first floor of the Justice Center, 1111 SW 2nd.

So, join us at the Over the Hill Gang lunch, the 4th Wed. of each month, 11;30 am, at the Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center, SE 82nd Dr. and Highway 224. It is in the same building as Denny’s.

              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S

Monday, June 10, and it was time for the breakfast at Denny’s again. Rising at 5:30 am, I could see a blue   sky, so I decided to ride the Harley. The outside temperature read 43. These old bones could feel that 43 degrees by the time I reached Denny’s.

I arrived at 7 am, just as Tom Jacobs was parking his bike. Inside, we found about five already there. The “Beach Boys”, Bruce Sherman and George Porter were already there. Think how early they had to get up. We also had Dallas Taggart, Gene Thoming and Jerry Klinger there. Jerry is still recovering from his hip surgery, but doing well.

Shortly, Rick Olsen rode in on his bike. He has been absent for some time, and it turns out he has been touring the States with his family. But not on his bike.  He said over the last nine weeks they covered 20 states, and numerous National Parks.

Shortly we had Glen Griffitts, Al Freauff, Bob Dorney and Ken Zapp. Al said after he was half-way there, he thought he should have ridden his bike.

The conversations ran the gamut, from gambling to politics, and beyond. Tom said he was heading over Mt. Hood when we left, so he put on his leathers as we left. He passed me in Boring as I turned off. I didn’t really envy him his trip, even though it had warmed up some by then.

Remember, we have these breakfasts the second Monday of each month, 7 am, at Denny’s 12101 S E 82nd.


                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH

Wed. June 12th and Bob Dorney and I were off for Davidson’s for the luncheon with the West Side bunch. We thought we would be a little early, but several were already there. The parking lot was quite full and we only found one spot left.

Already there were Paul Fink, Rob Aichele, Dick Kuntz, Dave Mischke and a surprise, Bud Lewis decided to join us. Tim Johnson also opted to join the group.

Soon to arrive were Mike Bell, Clell Winters, John Shaw and Jim Fleming, for a total of 12.

Sitting at about the middle of the table, it was difficult to keep up with two different conversations going on at the same time. We did cover a lot of subjects though.

The restaurant was crowded, so service was pretty slow. Several opted for their Wed. special soup of the day, split pea, with corn bread and honey.

Everyone was in a talkative mood, so most lingered after and chatted. So join us at Davidson’s 12830 SW Pacific Hwy., in Tigard, the second Wed. 11:30 am.



Friday, May 24th we gathered again at the Pig at 9 am. This included Peter Bates, Bud Bladow, Hal Gowing, Frank Smith Bob Dorney, Mel and Sue Nilsen and somewhat new to the group, C. C. and Bob Cox.

     May 31st was a small group with Gene Thoming, Bob Dorney, Frank Smith, Bob Schippers, and Mel and Sue Nilsen.

     June 7th we did better with Bob and C. C. Cox, Gene Thoming Bob Dorney, Peter Bates, who got a day off from the Dragon Boat practice before the big race on Sat., Frank Smith, Bob Schippers, and Mel and Sue Nilsen.

     Since Bob Cox and Frank Smith were both flyers, we talked about airplanes and such.

Fri. June 14th, Flag Day, and another breakfast. Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming, Peter Bates, Frank Smith, Bob Schippers, and Mel and Sue Nilsen were there. Kenny Zapp showed up after we arrived.

Peter said his dragon boat crew didn’t win, but I think they did well.

Mel and Sue will be off on a trip with their fifth-wheel camper for a week or so, and will miss the picnic.

Join us every Friday, at “The Pig”, NE 122nd and Glisan, 9 am.


              PPA PICNIC, OAKS PARK


The annual Portland Police Union picnic is coming up on Saturday, Aug 3, 2013, at the Oaks Park. All retired members and their families are invited, free. Additional family and friends are welcome, but need to purchase tickets at the door.

Gate opens at 10 am, and closes at 6 pm. Rides open at noon, and the BBQ dinner at 1:30 pm. Some kind of Bureau I.D. will be required for entry.

Tickets for additional family and friends will be $10 for 6 to 10 yr. olds and $15 for 11 and above


The Willamette Week apparently does a rating of Portland area lawmakers, and recently gave a rating on Jeff Barker. Jeff is Rep for the Aloha area.

They gave him 8.05 for integrity; 6.76 for brains; and 7.41 for effectiveness, and an overall rating of of 7.41.


There was a recent photography contest involving birds. Bob Peschka had entered and made it into the final ten. The final vote was on the internet, and Bob’s picture of ducks won the first prize. Nice going Bob! 


Hal Gowing has suffered some medical set-backs recently, so has decided it would be best to move into an assisted living facility in Gresham. The facility is close to Mt Hood Medical Center, on Stark St.


I talked to Bob Benson on Tue. June 11th, and he was back in Mt. Hood Medical Center again. They are still trying to find out what is wrong. He said he is very weak, and tired, but hopes to get out pretty soon.

Up-date on Bob, he is in a Re-hab center.


I had a chat with Al Dean on June 10th. I discovered that he had been in the hospital for several days. He had another back surgery, which included a couple of days in ICU. He is home now, but pretty much incapacitated, and will probably be that way for some time.




We were lucky and got invited to their annual retirement lunch, which they hold at the building at SE 82nd and Sunnybrook. (James Broullette Center)

Each year, they honor several of their retiree’s at a luncheon buffet, and put on a slide show and invite many other retirees to the event. It gets pretty crowded, and I saw quite a few PPB people there. Linda and I sat at a table with Randy Pulley, Dick Wemhoener, Harry Swofford, Chief Dick Walker and Bill Walker.

     We also saw Ken Blodgett, Kenny Zapp, Ron Tosi, Dick Kuntz and Jim and Josi Cunningham. I think I may have missed some.

Sheriff Craig Roberts was the MC for the event and it usually lasts about an hour


                      ANNUAL PICNIC


Hope to see everyone at our picnic at North Clackamas Park on Sunday June 23rd. We will have a complete report in the next issue.


We wish to offer our condolences to Peter Gallucci and his family on the recent loss of his mother, Mary J. Gallucci, on May 25th, 2013. Mary was 91 years old.


We also offer our deepest sympathy to Robert F. Remillard on the loss of his son, Robert F. Remillard Jr. He was 63.