Retiree Newsletter for September

In Retirees Monthly Update by rapsheet

              OVER THE HILL GANG

On Wed. July 24th, we gathered for our monthly meet. There was about the usual number attending, which included Mace Flye,  Dave Edstrom, Randy Pulley, Norm Rosenbloom, Dick and Doris Kuntz, Millie and Ken Blodget, Elaine Maxey, Henry Groepper, Glen Griffitts, Rob Aichele, Jim Bonar, Ruth Dunafon, and Sally Bible. Sally also brought her friend Bonnie.

Our speaker was Rob E. Hisenteger, who is a Forensic Supervisor for the Oregon State Crime Lab. The Forensic Services Division is a nationally accredited forensic lab system serving all state and local law enforcement agencies, Medical Examiners and Prosecuting Attorneys in Oregon.

Rob gave a talk on what the crime lab does and how they function.  It was an interesting talk and was enjoyed by all.

Come join us. On the 4th Wed. of each month, 11;30 am, at the Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center, SE 82nd Dr. and Highway 224. It is in the same building as Denny’s.   

              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S

 Again, I arose at 0-dark hundred and checked the weather outside, and decided I would brave the elements and ride the Harley, arriving just behind Tom Jacobs on his bike, just before 7 am.  Peter Bates had beaten us there. Shortly, Al Freauff rode up on his bike. We were soon joined by Dallas Taggart, Gary Fantz and Bob Dorney. Rick Olsen arrived without his bike, explaining that the bike was too dirty and he didn’t want to embarrass us with a dirty bike in the parking lot.

We discussed our medical problems, trying not to “one-up” each other with past ailments.

Rick regaled us with an account of his solo motorcycle trip to Alaska and back, and even had some pictures on his phone of some of the interesting parts. He said he didn’t have any major problems, and apparently carefully calculated the entire trip in advance, even having reservations set up at all his stops. He said the trip was a total of 6,500 miles. He spent three weeks on the trip.

You’re welcome to join us, the second Monday of each month, at Denny’s, 12101 SE 82nd, 7 am

                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH

I wasn’t able to attend this time since I chose to go to the Retired Firefighters picnic instead. However, Bob Dorney filled me in on most of those that attended. This included Tony Ferreira, all the way from Florida, Larry Neville, Rob Aichele, Verne Rohrbach, Chief Al Orr, Mike Bell, Paul Fink, John Shaw, Clell Winters, and Bud Lewis. He thought there were about 14 attending.

If you are in the area, the second Wed. each month, 11:30 am, Davidson’s, 12830 SW Pacific Highway, in Tigard, drop by.


 Friday, July 26th, we had a small group at the Pig, with only Gene Thoming, Frank Smith, Peter Bates, Bob Schippers and Mel and Sue Nilsen.

Aug. 2nd, we filled up a couple of tables. We had Bob Dorney, Peter Bates Frank Smith Gene Thoming, Mary and Bob Schippers, Mel and Sue Nilsen.

     On Aug. 9th, we had about the same group, except Al Dean and Iris Venable decided to join us. They are making plans to travel to Viet Nam soon, and travel on the Mekong River.

Aug. 16th, another new face joined us, Bill Field. I guess he was just in the area.

Aug. 23 was a small crowd, with Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming, Frank Smith, Sue and Mel Nilsen. Mel is still recovering from cataract surgery. We hurried up and ate since we had to drive to Tigard for the funeral for Howard Soumie.

 Join us every Friday, at “The Pig”, NE 122nd and Glisan, 9 am.


We saw a familiar face in the paper the other day, and it was our own Vida Trout, widow of Harvey Trout. It was a story about her workout. Remember, Vida is 101. She takes a 30-minute exercise class 4 days a week, tai chi twice a week, and walks a mile every day. She plays pool on Friday afternoons and Ping-Pong on Tuesdays.

Once a week she walks to Adventist Hospital to volunteer. Vida lives by herself at Russellville. Keep up the good work!


We also recognized another face in the crowd a few days ago. It was a story about Gresham’s Citizen Volunteers. Kat Black volunteers with the Gresham Police, along with about three dozen others, who patrol areas, like Red Sunset Park, which was the scene of a recent  homicide. Kat is another one who likes to keep busy.


I recently learned that John Courtney, of our Highland Guard, is in Scotland. He’s not competing in the events but attending some of the piping events. He has been in Edinburgh and Glasgow so far. I’m sure he is enjoying it.

Awhile back, John reported that Garth Edwards competed in the British Columbia Pipers Assn. season and Garth placed fifth in a very large contingent of entrants. ‘Way to go Garth!


I recently talked to A. P. “Bud” Rogers, and he has moved back to Portland. He is currently living with a daughter in the Rock Creek area until they can find another place. He said his wife,  Beverly fell and broke her hip. Wishing them the best and hope they are able to find a new home soon.


The Annual Detective Division Dinner will be held on Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland. A no-host social hour will begin at 5:30 pm, and dinner will be served at 7 pm. All retired, former and current detectives, including non-sworn personnel are invited to attend.

Dinner will be buffet style, menu still to be determined. The traditional raffle prizes and silent auction will feature an array of prizes donated by our police supporters.

So, mark your calendar for Oct. 18th, 2013. If you need further information, you may contact Mary Jane Gleeson at or 503-816-5455

              PPA PICNIC, OAKS PARK

 The Portland Police Assn. put on their annual picnic at the Oaks Park and invited the retirees. The weather was quite nice, no rain, and the heat was just right. We tried to arrive early so we could get a decent parking place, and we did. Some retirees from out of town arrived early, but had to wait for the gates to open.

Lucine Dimoff-Buhrmaster tries to get there at ten am and nail down our usual place, which stays shady most of the time.

The catering was, again done by Busters, and a long line immediately formed for the beer sausages and dogs.

The Bob Benson family had their usual spot, in the corner by the stage. Bob was there, and is on oxygen. Julie had also brought Ed Clark. It was good to see both of them up and around.

I think most of the retirees group gathered under the shelter.

All the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves, and between all of the rides and the games that the PPA had for them kept them busy.

There has been a “Paul Meyer” Award created, and Paul Meyer was called up to the stage area and awarded the first one.

The meal was nice and consisted of chicken and pulled pork, along with the sides.

And then the ice cream truck showed up at 3, and pandemonium reigned. I had a terrible time trying to beat off those little kids to get in line for mine.

They started the drawing for prizes a lot earlier this year, and I think it worked out better. Our retirees Assn. donated two $50 bills for prizes, and were acknowledged by the PPA when they were won.

Again, our thanks to the PPA for inviting us, and I think all of the Retirees appreciated it.


We held our General Meeting on Wed. Aug. 21, at the VFW hall, 3405 SE 87th. I waited until 12:10 to call the meeting to order, hoping we would get a few more people. Dick Wemhoener led us in  the pledge, and followed it with a prayer. I then put the meeting on pause while we ate.

We ate cookies, brownies, fresh fruit and sandwiches. We also had pickles, olives and coffee.

After a refreshing meal I reconvened the meeting. It was kind of pathetic. We had 15 people, who just happened to all be Board members, or officers. I thought it was well published, but maybe people just don’t look at their calendars. Since we had a Board Meeting two weeks before, there wasn’t ma whole lot to talk about again. Sue Nilsen read the minutes from the last meeting and Sally Bible gave the Treasure’s report.

We discussed the pay-back issue, the COLA, and the sick. This included Bob Schippers, who fell and was in the hospital. He was due to go home on the 22nd.

Dorothy Lindholm is also in the hospital, with what I believe to be a liver problem. She may have to have an operation.

With so few people, the meeting wasn’t very long, but we had a drawing for $25, and Scotty Field won. The next $25 was won by Sally Bible. We then adjourned the meeting.


The Retired Firefighters and Widows Assn. had their annual picnic on Wed. Aug14th, and invited Linda and me to attend. It is also held at the North Clackamas Park, the same as ours.

We arrived on the Harley just before 11 am, and there was already about 50 people there. They figured that the total attendees were around 160. They filled up the entire area.

They require pre-registration, and usually get the amount that signs up. They also order ribs and chicken from Albertsons.

The two Attorneys for the pay-back issue were guests, Greg Hartman and Hank Kaplan gave an update, and the city is really being stubborn. They have lost appeals in two courts, asking for stays, and now are being taken to court to show cause. That is coming up real soon. The Attys. suggested that the form you get from the Pension board to send back in, that you pick option one. It is important, since they say if you pick any other option you are cutting yourself off from the suit and will be opted out.

The weather was just right, the food was delicious, and we thank Bobbi and Cal Eddy for letting us participate. We really enjoyed it.


We attended a sort of Wake for James Larry Grant recently. Elaine Grant held it at their houseboat on the Willamette River in Scappoose. It was a large gathering of friends, relatives, retired cops and such.

The weather was beautiful, and it was held on the dock. I had arranged for a bag-piper, and John Courtney agreed to come.

There was a lot of food and beverages, and after a while, a friend rowed Elaine out in the river in a small skiff while the Bagpiper played and she sprinkled Larry’s ashes. Everyone else sprinkled flower petals into the river. We saw a lot of tears.


We would like to offer our condolences to Aaron Harvey on the death of his father, Wilson Aaron Harvey, on Aug. 6th, 2013. He was 87.


We would also like to give our sympathies to Jerry Klinger for the recent loss of his brother, George Lewis Klinger. George was 75.