Retiree Newsletter August 2012

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 Our gang met on Wed. July25th at the Refectory at 11:30 am. Most got there at 11. We didn’t have a big crowd, but a sizable group appeared, such as C. C. and Bob Cox, Mary and Bob Schippers, Randy Pulley, Ruth Dunafon, Bud Bladow, Glen Griffitts, Denny Baker, Bob Dorney and Jerry Klinger.

     Our Speakers were Detective Scott Chamberlain, who has been working Pawnshop detail and metal thefts, and retired detective Brent Bates, who has worked that detail, and has designed a system to simplify the reporting of pawned goods and metals, called RAPID. The system computerizes goods that are pawned and metals that are sold to recyclers.

It encompasses all pawnshops in the Portland area. So far, the dealers are happy with it, and cooperating. It has reduced the amount of stolen goods that were showing up in used merchandise dealers and pawnshops.

Besides the usual group of FBI, CCSO MCSO and State Police, we had Aaron Harvey, Deborah and Roger Haven, Dick and Doris Kuntz, along with Linda and me.

We dined on cold-cuts, salads and numerous other goodies.

We meet every 4th Wed. of each month, at 11:30 am, at the Refectory, NE 122nd and Halsey. Join us for an interesting get-together.

              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S


Monday, Aug. 13th, and I discovered that at 5:30 am, it is still dark. My Harley is in the hospital, so I drove the car to Denny’s, arriving just before 7 am. I walked in with the “beach boys”, Bruce Sherman and George Porter, along with Peter Bates. George said there was hardly any traffic driving in from Lincoln City this morning.

Scotty Field was already waiting for us inside, and Rick Olsen, Dallas Taggart and Bob Dorney soon joined us.

     We discussed about traffic accidents and investigation of some of them. We also discussed medical problems, and treatment of some of them, but decided “what is said at Denny’s shall remain at Denny’s”.

We meet at Denny’s on the second Monday of each month, at 7 am, and enjoy each others company, while we dig up dirt from old cases from the past. Come and join us.




We are still meeting at the Pig every Friday at 9 am, and on July 20th we had Gene Thoming, Bob Dorney, Peter Bates, Frank Smith, Eleanor and Hal Gowing, and Mel and Sue Nilsen, along with Linda and me.

July 27th was a short crew, with only Bob Dorney, Hal Gowing, Peter Bates, Frank Smith, Mary and Bob Schippers. And of course, those that weren’t there got talked about.

Another small group on Aug. 3rd, with Bob Dorney, Gene Thoming, Peter Bates  Bob Schippers, Frank Smith and Linda and me.

Mel and Sue Nilsen are off on another  trip, and hoping that they aren’t spending their time changing tires again.

On Aug. 10, we met again, and Mel and Sue were back, with no flat tires. We also had Bob Dorney, Peter Bates, Frank Smith and Linda and me.

Come and join us, every Friday, 9 am at the Pig ‘N Pancake, NE 122nd and Glisan.


Linda and I were again invited to the Retired Firefighters picnic on Wed, on Aug. 8th. They hold theirs at the same place we do, North Clackamas Park. We arrived at 11:30 and found the place already swarming with people. We had trouble finding a place to sit. Beth and Joe Gray, the past President of their organization greeted us along with Cal Eddy and Bobby. Cal is the current President.

They also cater ribs and chicken, and pot-luck. And have a drawing which is much less than ours, but still had over 137 present. (We are lucky to get 60-70) They put out an e-mail in advance asking people to sign up for the event, and it stays fairly accurate. Only a few don’t show, but some show who don’t sign up.

Hank Kaplan, the Attorney handling the pay-back issue, gave a short talk on the state of affairs. The gist of it is that the FPDR will probably stop taking the COLA payments, probably in Sept. He said they cannot say when, if ever they will pay back what they have taken out. The Board is meeting all day Mon. the 13th.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable time, and we met Onni Kulju, the brother of our Ted Kulju, and another Haunsperger, a brother of our Bill Haunsperger.


                        Badge 142


Last month we received word from the Police Museum that an old Portland Police Badge was being offered for sale on E-bay. It was first owned by an officer who retired in 1952. The last owner was   Larry Staudenmaier, who traded it in for a detective badge when he was promoted. I talked to him on the phone, and he told me he turned it in when he got promoted.

Gladys Labsch, said she would bid on it and donate it to the Museum, but she could only go so high for it. Our Assn. Board did a quick survey and said we would agree to pay the costs. Elaine Maxey, contacted me,  and had experience bidding on e-bay. She won the bid at the last moment. We reimbursed her for the cost.

Our thanks to Gladys Labsch and Elaine Maxey for all their hard work.


The annual Detective Dinner is coming up on Friday  Oct. 19th. So put it on your calendar. There will be info later. I believe it will again be held at the MAC Club




Sat. August 4th was the big event of the year with the PPA holding their annual event at the Oaks Park. The Weather Bureau had promised a hot day, which turned out to be an understatement.

The park opens at 10am, and we arrived about 10;30. Lucine Dimoff-Buhrmaster had arrived earlier and staked out a place for our group under the oak trees. Getting there early also allows you to get a better parking spot without walking a big distance.

There was already a line for the dogs and buns, to tide one over until lunch, along with beer, wine soda pop and water.

The rides started at noon sharp, with many taking advantage of the free rides. The games, such as egg toss and water balloons toss were held, mostly enjoyed by the kids.

It was hard to tell how many were there, but I think that retirees were about equal to working troops. The heat, which reached 102, kept many from showing up, and I talked to many who were leaving early because of the heat. Some didn’t even stay for the meal, which was served at 2 pm.

Busters catered the BBQ ribs and chicken and the side dishes that went with it. The line went fairly quickly.

Because of the heat, the drawing was moved up to 3 pm. Our Assn. donated $100 for gift certificates at Trader Vic’s, and Trader Vic doubled it to $200. Our thanks to them.

Daryl Turner, Pres. of the PPA moved right along with the drawing, in order to get people out of the heat. We saw a few retirees with winning tickets.

Badge #142, that the Assn. had paid for was given to Jim Huff to display in the museum, as he was leaving. We were hoping to do it officially from the stage, but it got kind of hectic at the end and Jim had to leave.

Considering everything, it was a good picnic, in spite of the heat, and there were several that were really suffering. When we got to the parking lot, my car thermometer was registering 107, outside.

Our thanks to the PPA for including us in this festive occasion again.


The Portland Retired Police and Widows Assn held their Bi-monthly meeting on Wed, Aug. 15th at the VFW hall, SE 87th and Powell. We had about 25 show up. Since the weather was projected to get above 90, and the building doesn’t have A. C. we decided to hurry.

We opened at 12 noon, with Mike Foss leading us in flag salute, followed by Dick Wemhoener giving a short prayer. Members had brought fresh fruit, cookies and sanadwiches, took a break and ate.

We re-convened with Sue Nilsen reading the minutes, followed by Sally Bible giving the Treasurers report.

Tom Jacobs and Terry Long talked about the Police Beneficiary Assn. They gave a report on how it works, its’ early starting, and some of the problems they run into. One problem is the failure of officers to notify them when there is a change in a beneficiary’s name.

We discussed the pay-back issue, and the information was given that since the Court had said that it was not legal to deduct the COLA from officer’s check, the FPDR board had said they would stop deducting in Sept. However, their board met on Monday, Aug. 13, and changed their mind, giving the reason that the IRS has said that they will lose their status as a qualified plan, unless they continue to make an attempt to recover. The City plans to appeal the Judges order also. Other subjects were discussed and then we had the drawing. Elaine Maxey won the first $25, and Ed Clark won the next $25. The meeting was then adjourned.


We have missed Al Dean at most of our functions for quite awhile now, but he had back surgery on July 17, and is now wearing a restrictive back brace. On top of that, he is having arthroscopic knee surgery on Aug 15th, and will have a lot of rehab afterwards. Hang in there Al.


We learned of the passing of Dan Oldham, from a heart attack on Aug. 15th. Dan worked for the Portland Police from 1966 to 1973. He also worked for the Sheriff’s office from 1995 to 2002. He also taught at Centennial High School.