Retiree Newsletter April 2013

In For Retirees, Retirees Monthly Update by rapsheet


Wed. March 27th was our time to meet at the new location for this gathering. This is the Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center, 15815 SE 82nd Dr. It is part of Denny’s restaurant, just north of highway 212/224.

We had a large crowd, either due to the new location or the speaker. In any case, they had to open up an extra partition to get everyone seated.

Part of the Portland bunch included Carolyn and Bob Cox, Bob Peschka, Glen Griffitts, Bud Lewis, Randy Pulley, Bob Walliker, Norm Rosenbloom, Roger Haven, Sally Bible, Ruth Dunafon, Elaine Maxey, and Mace Flye.

     Our speaker was Rod Englert, who has 48 years in Law Enforcement. He retired as Commander of the Operations Division, MCSO in 1995. He started his career with the Downey Police Dept. in California, after graduating from the LAPD Academy.

He received a BA degree in Police Admin. And did post grad studies in psychology. He is a graduate of the FBI Academy. His expertise is in blood spatters, and homicide scene reconstruction.

Today, he gave a slide presentation about different cases, including some high profile cases. He is one busy guy and is highly sought after all over the States, and has testified in courts all over the U.S.

Others enjoying the presentation were Dick and Doris Kuntz, Gary Fantz, Steve Hollingsworth, Millie and Ken Blodget, Mardi Epps, Henry Groepper, Doug McKillips, Bob Tobin and Dave Edstrom, plus numerous and a sundry MCSO, CCSO FBI, State Police, etc.  We were pleased also to have as a guest, Officer Paul Meyers, who was paralyzed in a training accident when a tree fell on him. He was presented with additional funds, to help revamp his home to accommodate his wheel chair.

I didn’t hear any complaints on the food, and I thought it was delicious. Everyone agreed to meet here again, so the 4th Wed. in April we will be back there, 11:15 am, so join us.  

              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S

Monday, March 11th was the date of our men’s’ breakfast at Denny’s. So, rising at 5:30 am, one day after setting our clocks ahead one hour, I dressed and headed for breakfast.

Arriving about 7 am, a couple of other “bleary eyed” guys were there. Eventually, we ended up with Peter Bates, Al Freauff, Dallas Taggart, Glen Griffitts, Gene Thoming, Kenny Zapp and Bob Dorney.

     Again, we had a lot of conversations going about numerous subjects. We thought that Jerry Klinger had gone in for his hip replacement, but I guess it’s not until April. Peter Bates is happy with his knee replacement.

Again, this is held the second Monday of each month, 7 am, Denny’s, 12101 SE 82nd.

                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH

On Wed. March 13th, Bob Dorney Picked me up and we headed for Davidson’s for lunch with the West Side bunch. Arriving a little early, we were soon joined by Dave Mischke, Clell Winters, John Shaw, Rob Aichele, Mike Bell, Paul Fink, Dick Kuntz, and Dick Duval. Dick was looking better than he did for a while, and said he was feeling better.

We had a lot of conversations, some repeatable, some not. We discussed new uniforms, police car colors, whether black or dark blue, etc.

We talked about how policing had changed since the “good old days”. Maybe for the better, maybe not.

Anyway, we meet at Davidson’s, 12830 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard, the second Wed. at 11:30 am. The food is really good.


Friday, March 1st at the Pig, we gathered at 2 tables for breakfast at 9 am. Beating us there were Gene Thoming, Hal Gowing, Peter Bates, Bob Dorney, Bob and Mary Schippers, Al Dean, who was in town for a couple of days, Iris Venable, and Mel and Sue Nilsen.

     Cliff Jensen dropped over and said hello, but he was there for another meeting. Ken Zapp came in as we were leaving, but he too was there for something else.

On March 8th we had about the same crew, but Det. Erica Hurley and her partner dropped in and had coffee with the bunch. She is the daughter of Mel and Sue Nilsen.  Bill Field also made a rare appearance.

On Friday, March 15th, we again had the “usual suspects” arrive, but a totally rare face at this function arrived to join us. Norm Rosenbloom, who I guess just happened to be in the neighborhood had breakfast with us.

March 22nd was a slimmer crew, number wise but we still had Bob Dorney, Hal Gowing, Gene Thoming, Peter Bates, Mel Nilsen, Bob Schippers, and a visit from Loretta Tucker, to keep Linda company. It is quite a jaunt for Loretta, since she has to drive in from Turner.  

Remember, every Friday, 9am The Pig “N Pancake, at NE 122nd and Glisan.

                   FRANK IS 101!

Frank Springer turned 101 on Sunday, March 24th. He is still going strong, in spite of a little set-back last Month. Mardi Epps was going to pick him up and take him for a tour through the Police Museum for a birthday gift. There was a group of small children at the museum and they sang Happy Birthday to Frank Congratulations Frank! And a very Happy Birthday from us all.


 I wasn’t able to attend this meeting but Lloyd Higgens called and said he was going. He called Wed. and said that the much discussed item, the COLA issue, was put on hold again. He said there was quite a few Firefighters at the meeting, and that the Mayor was chairing the session. So, we will have to wait to see what they will do about the COLA.


The sudden closing of the PPAA club at SE 6th and Alder has caused a stir. They are looking for the original charter to see where the proceeds from the sale are supposed to go.


We checked with Jeanette Christenson, to see how she is doing since the passing of Chris, and she is doing OK but would like to have phone calls.


We talked with Mary Souders, and she has some of Doyle’s VFW things, such as flag, charter, and bible that the Police Museum was interested in, but we need someone to pick them up at Mary’s and take them to the museum.


We talked to Cheryl Lopez to see how she is doing since her knee replacement. She said she is doing fine, and slowly recovering.


We talked to Ed Clark recently. He is recovering from a stroke a few months ago, and is slowly recovering. He is exercising a lot to regain his mobility, and can get up and down the stairs pretty well.


Linda talked with Elaine Grant, and Larry has had a set back with his illness. I know he would like to have phone calls and cards, so call and cheer him up.


A recent obit in the paper for John S. “Stan” Sander, mentioned that he retired in 1988, from the Portland Police Bureau, and that he had worked in the Fiscal Services there. He was a veteran of the Korean War. He had a BS degree in Business Administration. He was 84. Some of you may remember him.