Retiree June 2013 Newsletter

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              OVER THE HILL GANG

 On Wed. April 24th we met at the Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center for our monthly luncheon. We had a fair size group present, as our speaker was an author.

Linda and I arrived to find the parking lot pretty full, and inside many of our retirees, including Dave Edstrom, C.C. and Bob Cox, Sally Bible Randy Pulley, Glen Griffitts, Dick and Doris Kuntz, Millie and Ken Blodget, Sam Leighton, Mardi Epps. And Norm Rosenbloom.

     Our speaker was J. D. Chandler, a former political/labor activist and currently a public historian, specializing in the history of crime in Portland. During the last sixteen years he has been making a study of murder in Portland and compiling the “Slabtown Chronology”.

His book, “Murder and Mayhem in Portland” goes back in time to the early and mid 1800’s, and vividly describes some of the cases. It gives frank accounts of the goings on in Portland through the turn of the century.

Others enjoying the presentation were Bob Dorney, Roger Haven, Elaine Maxey and her daughter, Mace Flye, Bob Walliker, Henry Groepper, and Dana Tawney.

The food is good and the subject was very interesting. You are welcome to join us every 4th Wed. 15815 SE 82nd Drive.


              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S

Monday, May 13th, we had a really skinny crowd. Of course, that is referring to how many and not their size.

I arrived just before 7 am and found Gene Thoming, Glen Griffitts, Jerry Klinger and  Peter Bates already there. It was good to see Jerry up and around after his hip surgery. And Peter Bates is getting around good after his second knee surgery. Gene mentioned about his hip surgery awhile back. So our “bionic” group was doing well.

Bob Dorney arrived shortly and joined us in talking about some of the old timers. We remarked that a few years ago we used to get close to 35 people at this breakfast, filling up almost the entire room. One table was referred to as the “gray-beards” table.

As we were getting ready to leave, Ron Fox joined us for a short time, so we hung around and chatted with him.

If you are an early riser, feel free to join us, the second Monday of each month, 7 am, at Denny’s 12101 S E 82nd.


                  WEST SIDE BRUNCH

On Wed. May 8th, Bob Dorney picked me up and we headed for Davidsons in Tigard. Traffic was light so we were a little early. A good looking bike followed us into the lot and it turned out to be Tom Jacobs. He has a beautiful new BMW, six cylinders.

In short order we were joined by Clell Winters, John Shaw, Rob Aichele, Mike Bell, Chief Al Orr, and Vern Rohrbach.

     Much of the talk was about old homicide cases, and some recent ones. Tom told us about his trip to Italy, where they had rented a bike and toured with a group around the country. It sounded real interesting.

Anyway, we meet at Davidson’s, 12830 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard, the second Wed. at 11:30 am. The food is really good.



The Memorial Service for Portland Police who have died in the line of duty was held on Tue. May 14th at the Memorial site in Waterfront Park.

It was a solemn affair, starting at noon under sunny skies. The Highland Guard opened the event, followed by the Honor Guard posting the colors. This was followed with Sgt Steve Andrusko playing Taps  as the old flag was retired and a new flag raised. Connie Scott sang the National Anthem.

The invocation was given by Chaplain Steve Chadwick. PIO Pete Simpson was the Master of Ceremonies. Mayor Hales was unable to attend, and his proclamation was read.

The Portland Police Assn. President, Darryl Turner spoke next, followed by Chief Mike Reese.

The 29 officers’ names were read and roses were placed on the memorial wall. Research recently indicated that 3 names were added. Relatives of two of these were present, so a flag was presented to them by the Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard then presented a twenty-one gun salute, and Fire Bureau’s boat sprayed their hoses out in the river.

The “Missing Rider” was performed by the Horse Patrol, and the Highland Guard performed “Amazing Grace”. Chaplain Steve Chadwick did the Benediction and the Colors were retired.

After the ceremony was over we were invited to the Police Museum on the first floor of the Justice Center, so, knowing they would have cookies, I walked with Al Dean and Iris Venable and partook of a few.

It seemed like there were many empty chairs at the ceremony, when I remember having trouble finding a seat in years past.


One of our own was recently recognized and given an award for his literary achievements. James Fleming received a Lifetime Achievement Award on May 15th for contributions in published poetry and other literary contributions. This was given by the Mountain Writers Series.

Jim is a former President of the Oregon State Poetry Assn. and one of the organizers of the Portland Poetry Festival. He has published three books of poetry. Our Hats are off to Jim Fleming for his accomplishments.



Friday, April 26th, eleven showed up to gab. Linda and I are usually the last to arrive, so we joined Peter Bates, Gene Thoming, Hal Gowing, Bob Dorney Bob and Mary Schippers, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and Kenny Zapp.

     May 3 was  real short as we only had Bob Dorney, Peter Bates, Hal Gowing, Bob Schippers, and Mel and Sue Nilsen

     May 10th, we needed 3 tables. When Linda and I arrived, a little before 9 am, we found Al Dean and Iris Venable there, along with Peter Bates, Gene Thoming, Hal Gowing, Bob Dorney, Mel and Sue Nilsen, Bob and Mary Schippers, and our retiree who has abandoned his “winter palace” in Coronado, Frank Smith.

     The only one who is later than Linda and me, is Kenny Zapp, who soon arrived.

May 17th was a larger crowd with 13 of us. As usual, Linda and I were the last to arrive. Already seated were Al Dean and Iris Venable, Peter Bates Gene Thoming, Hal Gowing, Frank Smith, Bob Dorney, Mel and Sue Nilsen, and Bob Schippers.

     There was a lot of idle chat, including a small bit of politics thrown in. Otherwise a little gossiping.

You’re welcome to join us, every Friday, 9 am, Pig N’ Pancake, NE 122nd and Glisan.

                     ANNUAL PICNIC

Well, it’s that time of year again. Our picnic and elections will be on June 23rd, at North Clackamas Park again. We will furnish the ribs and chicken, coffee, lemonade etc. and you can bring pot-luck, desserts, salads etc. Dick and Doris Kuntz and Rob Aichele have agreed to split the cost of the chicken.

Ken Zapp was able to get our permit, and we will have the covered area again, in case of (heaven forbid), rain.

Whether a paid member or not, show up and enjoy the camaraderie. Support your local retired officers and widows. The chicken and ribs are catered in and arrive just before 12 noon.

The address is 5440 SE Kellogg Creek Lane. This is just off Highway 212-224 and Rusk Rd, in Milwaukee.

We talked to Ed Clark recently. He is recovering from a stroke a few months ago, and is slowly healing. He is exercising a lot to regain his mobility, and can get up and down the stairs pretty well.

Linda talked with Elaine Grant, and Larry has really enjoyed getting cards from his friends. So, keep the cards coming.