Officer, You Pulled me Over Today

In Inspiring by rapsheet

Officer, you pulled me over today.
Not to be mean, or because of a “quota”
Not because my car is old,
Not because I’m young and female..
But because I was speeding.

I was pulled over today.
I pulled over before you turned your lights on.
I waited for you with my papers
In my hand, outside the window.
I called you sir, you called me ma’am.
We were respectful toward one another.

I did not lie, cry, or
cut you down for doing your job.
And you didn’t have to argue with me.
I didn’t run, thus you didn’t chase me.
I didn’t pull a gun on you,
So you didn’t shoot me.
I did not resist,
You didn’t have to put hands on me.
I did not pull out a camcorder
I don’t want you to feel scared to do your job
Or like you are walking on eggshells because
I need you to feel comfortable keeping us safe.
And I want you to come home to your family tonight.

I know you were sworn in.
You may have sworn your last breath
For me or those like me, and for those like you.
I will not tell you how to do your job.
I know I can’t do your job.
Not many can.

When you pulled me over today,
I saw your unit..
A Setina guard on the front
A camera behind the windshield
A gun, a tazer, and handcuffs on your belt.
And I know these things are to protect you,
And to protect those like you,
And to protect those like me.
And I felt no need to complicate things
Like others have done.

Officer you pulled me over today.
You wrote me a ticket today
For something I know I did.
But there are bigger things beyond tickets
So I said “Thank You”
And I meant it.

Because on that ticket is a signature of a man
That would sacrifice his last breath to keep us safe,
And die for his brothers.

And that signature is on a citation..
But I’ll respect it when I see it.
I know Safety comes at a price.
I’d rather it be a few hundred bucks
Than someone’s life.

Once again, Thank you.