New York to Hire 1,300 Police Officers

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By Jonathon Lemire

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City is set to hire nearly 1,300 new police officers as part of its $78.5 billion budget agreement, honoring — and even exceeding — a proposal put forth by the City Council over Mayor Bill de Blasio’s initial objections.

The new officers, who were announced amid a headline-grabbing surge in crime in certain neighborhoods, will cost the city $170 million. The costs will be offset by $70 million in savings, largely by creating a cap on department overtime. About 300 of the new officers will be assigned to counterterrorism.

The hires were first reported by The Associated Press. They will join a force of about 35,000 uniformed officers, the nation’s largest.

“It is the right thing to do,” said de Blasio. “Through a lot of work, we came to a plan that allows us to strengthen our police force while encouraging deepening of reform and finding key reforms on the fiscal front.”

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