Moving Forward with Contract Negotiations

In President's Message by rapsheet

As you all know the PPA and the city have been involved in contract negotiations since the beginning of this year. At present, we have only gone through the preliminary stages of the negotiations but we anticipate that in the months to come we will be exploring the many moving parts of this complicated process.


During the negotiation process there will be many ideas, proposals, and issues discussed, considered, and negotiated. The negotiation process evolves with each session. Some progress quickly while others are painstakingly long, frustrating, and sometimes counter productive. During these negotiations there will sometimes be miscommunications, misconceptions, and out right disagreements that need to be sorted out before there is resolution. That is why the PPA is adhering to a strict policy of confidentiality. To negotiate this contract in front of the media and the court of public opinion would bring these negotiations to a screeching halt and jeopardize any forward progress the parties have make.


We are ready, willing, and eager to start moving forward into these negotiations with the City. Together, we’ll take on the many challenges we face in bringing to you and the citizens of Portland a blueprint for the future; a future that insures the safety, quality of service, and community partnership we all work for on daily basis. A future that advocates for your safety, benefits, and rights as you continue to make Portland one of the safest, most livable, and business friendly cities in the country.