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Welcome to the Hug Patrol™ Stuffed Animal Donation Program

Whether you’re an emergency responder looking for a way to put children at ease or a member of the community looking for a great cause to donate to, you’ve found the right place to help provide comfort and support to children in crisis.  We are currently serving the Pacific Northwest providing Hug Patrol™ stuffed animals.

Donating Stuffed Animals for Kids In Crisis

We donate unused, new stuffed animals to police officers, fire fighters, and medical personnel for them to use to comfort children facing traumatic and scary situations. We’d love to have you involved as we work together to make children’s experiences less stressful and give emergency responders a great way to reach out and connect.

Working With First Responders

Police, fire fighters and paramedics respond to stressful situations every day that involve children and being able to reach out with a teddy bear or stuffed animal can help children through difficult times. We have a supply of assorted newly purchased stuffed animals in protective bags ready to be included in emergency response vehicles just for these kinds of situations.

Robert Thompson — Executive Director | 503-358-0133

Hug Patrol
7327 SW Barnes Road #124
Portland,  Oregon 97225