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  • To date, we’ve had 67 gang related shootings and assaults (up from 51 at this time last year).
  • Of those 67, over 60 were gang related shootings with 27 victims.
  • 25 of the 27 victims were African Americans.
  • Right now, the Gang Enforcement Team has been allocated 6 more officers, leaving them still understaffed.
  • Realistically, the Gang Enforcement Team has coverage for 4 days per week on afternoons.
  • To do the job well and be proactive, we need 6 days per week coverage on days and afternoons.
  • To be sufficiently staffed to do the job well requires 21 additional officers and 3 additional sergeants (by DOJ guidelines, every 7 officers require 1 supervisory sergeant).
  • What could be accomplished with the proper staffing of the Gang Enforcement Team and adequately staffed uniform patrol officers and sergeants would be uniform suppression because …

Gang shootings are almost always crimes of opportunity.

Adequate 6 day per week coverage would:

  1. Allow gang officers as well as uniform patrol officers the ability to engage with the community
  2. Assist in investigating shootings more aggressively and expediently
    Allow uniform patrol officers to be more proactive in their efforts