Colorado Police on alert after anonymous caller threatens to kill cops

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AURORA, Colo. — The Aurora Police Department is on high alert after dispatch received an anonymous threat, Fox 31 reported.

Local law enforcement is taking the Sept. 6 call very seriously. The caller threatened to shoot officers who were alone.

“It’s time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops that we see by their selves (sic),” the caller said. “Let us catch you by yourself and it’s shots fired.”

As anti-police sentiment grows across the nation, the call did not surprise officers

Police told the publication they will continue to do their jobs despite the threats.

“We’re not going to go away. I’m not going to quit. As a matter of fact, all you’re doing is making me stronger because I know what I have to do is that much more important. If you’re willing to kill me who else are you going to kill?” Denver police Det. Nick Rogers told Fox 31.

The call is under investigation, as well as another incident Sunday in which officers were called to a scene and then shot at. Authorities aren’t sure whether the two are related.

Authorities assure the public their safety is not threatened.

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