Chief’s message: Ending the negative public perception of police

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If the message and the mission is to pursue peace, justice and tolerance for all, isn’t it hypocritical to lump 800,000+ American cops into a single, negative identity? Sep 3, 2015 I’m chief of police in a bedroom community near Boston. The demographics of our town have changed a lot since I was first hired in the early 1990s. However, …

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3 keys to improve public’s perception of force

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When used lawfully, reasonably, and within the totality of the circumstances, force is appropriate; we need to work hard to educate the press and the public that this is the case Law enforcement officials have always had the lawful ability to use force within the context of their jobs. Yes, force has been abused at times in American history and …

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8 keys to a well-written police use-of-force report

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A well-written force response report may take a little longer to write on the front end, but will certainly save you much more time (and trouble) later Taking Training to the Next Level with Ed Flosi Considering the number of contacts officers have with citizens, police use of force is statistically a rare event. “A 1999 BJS report estimated that …

Use of Force

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Most of us are aware of the inherent dangers that cops face on a daily basis. While some of us have been involved in multiple force incidents, all of us do a good job treating each instance as a unique situation with its own set of circumstances. No cop leaves the precinct looking to be involved in a force incident; …