Cops’ deadly hesitation and the danger of the ‘cascade effect’

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Give the word “Birmingham” lasting meaning, and don’t let the practice of proactive police work die Aug 19, 2015 In the year since Ferguson, we’ve witnessed a dangerous and troubling trend in law enforcement — officers hesitating to act when action is required, as occurred last week in Birmingham. This goes beyond individual officers’ failure to use justifiable force for fear …

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How To Improve Officer Training for High-Risk Traffic Stops

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The problem with ever-increasing stress during critical incidents such as a HRTS is found in an associated decrease in critical thinking abilities By David Blake The following article originally appeared on PoliceOne, the leading online resource for law enforcement, and is reprinted by permission of the PoliceOne editorial team. Visit to access news, commentary, education information, and training resources …

Video: Black Panther LeaderUndergoes Shoot/Don’t Shoot Training

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Anti-police protest leader and head of Houston’s New Black Panther Party was invited to undergo use of force training at a Texas police department Feb 5, 2015 MISSOURI CITY, Texas — An anti-police protest leader was invited to undergo use of force training at a Texas police department. The head of Houston’s New Black Panther Party, Quanell X, participated in shoot/don’t …