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OVER THE HILL GANG LUNCH This gathering of the old folk was held on Wed. March 23rd. We had intended to have a quick lunch and then head out to BOEC ( Bureau of Emergency Communications) or 9-1-1, for a tour of the facility. Things didn


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OVER THE HILL GANG LUNCH We drew a big crowd for this event. I think I counted 27 from PPB alone. Some of those present were C.C. and Bob Cox, Ruth and Ray Brown, (they brought Frank Springer with them,) Randy Pulley, Matt Bisenius, Glen Griffitts, Mel Walker, Mace Flye, Roger Haven, Dave Edstrom, and George Young. The main speaker …


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Viola M. Stringer, widow of Henry J Stringer. Born Sept 4, 1920 in Portland, died Dec. 6, 2010, at age 90. She was an electroencephalograph technician. Norman D. Brown, born Sept. 20, 1920, in Portland, died Dec. 24, 2010 at age 90. He had been in ill health for several years. Norman joined the Portland Police Bureau July 15, 1950, …


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TAPS Richard R Butler, born July 3, 1936, died Oct 30th, 2010, at age 74. He joined the Police Bureau, June 3, 1965, retired on a disability 1971, and was officially retired July 3, 2000. This information received from the Police Pension Board, and no other info available. Edie Marie Blakely, widow of Howard Blakely, born July 4, 1917 in …