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The most frequently asked question with regard to FPDR claims is about so-called “independent medical examinations.”  These are also known as “IMEs” and a variety of less-savory titles.  Police officers and firefighters usually ask a variant of the question, “Do I have to go to this?”  The answer is “yes,” if a member wants to pursue a claim or maintain …

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Retiree Newsletter May 2013

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              BREAKFAST AT DENNY’S Monday, April 8th, apparently came as a surprise for this group, since the month started out on a Monday, the second Monday came quickly. We only had six show up. This included Scott Field, Al Freauff, Glen Griffitts, Bob Dorney and Kenny Zapp.      The conversations were the usual, about old “what’s his name”, and old …

Taps May 2013

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Lawrence W. Staudenmaier, born July 23, 1931, died Jan. 26, 2013, at age 81. He joined the Portland Police July 16, 1956 and retired March 3 1977. No other information available   Laverna L Sanders, widow of John C. Sanders,

TAPS April 2013

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Verta DeBellis, wife of William “Bill” DeBellis, born Sept. 28, 1922 in Staples, Minn. Died March 8, 2013, at age 90. She attended Franklin High School,  and later worked at Nabisco. She was an avid golfer, and was an active member of the women’s golf club in Tualatin.  She  volunteered with the Assistance League of Yuma. She is survived by …

Retiree Newsletter April 2013

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           OVER THE HILL GANG Wed. March 27th was our time to meet at the new location for this gathering. This is the Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center, 15815 SE 82nd Dr. It is part of Denny’s restaurant, just north of highway 212/224. We had a large crowd, either due to the new location or the speaker. In any …


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TAPS   Eleanor Frances Nasby-Gowing, wife of Harold “Hal” Gowing, born Oct. 21, 1924,  in Portland, died Nov. 27, 2012, at age 88. She attended Cleveland High School, then Girls Poly. She joined the Portland Police Bureau March 29, 1954, and retired from the Juvenile Division July 11, 1979. She married Robert Nasby in 1967, He passed away in 2005. …


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TAPS   Bea Mc Intosh, Widow of Pat Donaldson, born Sept. 2, 1917, died May 28th, 2011 (?) no other info available.

Retiree Newsletter Oct 2012

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                 OVER THE HILL GANG   On Sept.26, we met again at the Refectory, for what was a promising presentation. Arriving a little after 11 am, we found several already there. Because the speaker was going to be “Dave” of Dave’s Killer Bread, we had a lot of new people show up. Many that I did not recognize. We …

Taps October 2012

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Jack R. Childers, born Nov. 19, 1925, died July 5, 2012, at age 86. Jack joined the Portland Police July 15, 1950 and retired Nov. 19, 1989. He has been residing in Yuma Arizona for several years. He is survived by his wife, Phyllis. No other info available.   Stella M. Kutter, widow of Henry “Hank” Kutter, died Feb. 23, …

Retirees Message for September 2012

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By PRESIDENT  BOB ROBERTS Newsletter Reporter                  OVER THE HILL GANG   On August 22nd, we met at the Refectory for our monthly luncheon, gabfest and to listen to a presentation by Jason Hubert, who has been with the Portland Police GET Team, (Gang Enforcement Team) for eight years. It was a fair sized crowd, who were looking forward …