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August 28, 2014

By Daryl Turner, President PPA


Over the past two weeks, most of you have read statements made by Mayor Charlie Hales and Chief Mike Reese regarding their efforts to promote community policing, diversity and equity training throughout the Portland Police Bureau.  Chief Reese made reference to a new force policy that promotes de-escalation principles, crediting the policy for the decline in use of force and citizen complaints.  I believe that both of their statements missed the mark. Even though Chief Reese made a passing reference to the work police officers do, they both ignored the men and women who have built this organization—the rank and file officers, sergeants, detectives and criminalists of the PPB.  In the almost quarter century that I have served the community, I have known hundreds of sworn members who have built trust with the community, promoting diversity and equity long before Charlie Hales was Mayor or Mike Reese was the Chief of Police. And although I applaud Mayor Hales and Chief Reese’s efforts to continue moving forward in a positive direction in meeting the needs of a continuously evolving community,...
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